Mediterranean garden

The property is located on the hill from where the view stretches over Sečovlje Salina. In the East, South and West it borders with the neighboring properties, meanwhile the Nord side of the garden is open to surrounding landscape. To keep intimacy in the garden the views has been screened towards the neighboring houses, but not to the surrounding cultural landscape. In this way the garden includes the external views into its own scenery. The selection of plants limited just to the native Mediterranean species blurs the border line between the garden and the surrounding landscape. So the garden visually does not stop at its border line, but opens the view until the eyes can reach. 

There are two weekend houses that has been placed in the property. Each of them has been provided with its own terrace which ensures its own piece of the garden. The vegetation has been placed in a way that helps to subdivide a larger garden space to smaller sub-spaces. The plants also screen the views from one terrace to another to ensure the intimacy of its user. The Garden consists of four subspaces: the parking plot, the entrance garden which connects the main entries to houses, the intimate garden with the terraces and the vegetable and herb garden. The pool has been placed in the entrance garden. Next to the pool one can find two stone benches and an outdoor shower. The area has been designed as a social space, where the users can meet and gather around. In case when one prefers some private time he can move to the intimate garden.

Client: private
Area: 1437 m²
Project : 2012 - 2013
Construction: 2016
Landscape architecture: Ana Tepina
Collaborators: Ernest Milčinovič

by Landstudio 015

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