From a project to a garden

Creating a garden or every other type of space is a thinking and a design process. It starts with the conversation between the designer and a client. This writes the basis for the design: it determines the outlines of expectations, the program which is cruel for the function of the space, it also determines the investments. The communication during the development of certain idea is equally important. In this way we make solutions with which both the client and the designer may be satisfied.

The Mediterranean garden was created in collaboration with the client and the architect. We combined the function and materials of indoor and outdoor spaces, which is important for the space flow between the house and the garden. As a landscape architect its rear to have the possibility to influence the void in a building’s shell. In this case this possibility has existed and you can recognize it in the functionality and the visual image of the house and the garden.

The third equally important collaboration is with the contractors on a site. There has to be mutual understanding on both sides - in this project there was plenty: for the materials as the stone and the wood, for the details and also for the selection of plants in the nursery, which has all been discussed and agreed on before the elaboration.

I have enjoyed every step of the way and now I am looking forward to taking new challenges.

by Landstudio 015

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